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I am quite frustrated at the moment with being a mom.   I mean that is my life.   I wake up and I am a mom.. I am a mom all day long and I go to sleep as a mom.   I wake up in the middle of the night (when I can be awoken) as a mom.     I never get to take that hat off.     Now, let me please state this:  Being a Mom is the most important job I have ever had and would NEVER ask for anything different.   But in all the other jobs I have ever held, there were milestones that you were doing something right.   That you completed something correctly.   There was a goal.. you worked toward that goal in a calculated manner, and you reached your goal.

With kids, you don’t ever find out until it is too late.    I am totally frustrated right now with them!   Becca has turned into a devil!   She is her sister perfected.   It isn’t uncommon to find Becca with some large stick hitting something with it.   I have been telling people she has anger issues but no one seems to listen or have an answer.   Its a stage.. she will grow out of it.    Hmm.. I wonder how long a stage lasts.    a year?  2 ? 3?   I guess time will tell on that one.     Martha wants to draw on everything.   I appreciate that.   And I have noticed her need for a creative outlet.  So I created her a drawer.   With papers and pencils, markets and stickers, scissors and tape.   Everything she needs to create her masterpieces…. Yet, she decides to use the back of my upright piano as a place for her to draw.    Why?   I have scrubbed the walls more times that I care to admit and have to repaint yet again.

I don’t remember this as even a hit of a possiblity when I was growing up.  Maybe because I was deadly afraid of my father.   He really sorta meant it that he would beat us… (Lets just stop here and say he never did.)  But the fear that he would was always there.   The time out corner.. doesn’t work… spanking isn’t working… taking away toys isn’t working.   She currently owes me 10 dollars for the damage she did…     She has worked off 50 cents so far.

When do you find out you have made the right choices for your children?  :sigh:  I so don’t work this way.


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Today I just froze about 15 cups of green peppers!  I am loving my garden.  It is very easy to maintain.  Hopefully next year we can sort the grass issues.   Home Depot, look out I have a ton of questions for you.  Btw, Saturday morning isn’t a good time to go to Home Depot to ask questions, they can get a bit grumpy.   I have tomatos to process too, but that will have to wait until I get back from my parents house.

My Gardent

My Garden

It is the 3rd weekend of the July which means it is Summer Reunion at the Fraternity.  So we are off for Murray!   We always stay at my parents house which is nice.  Kids get to spend some time with there grandparents.   Dave and I are going to go watch Harry Potter.  *\o/*

Here is my newest find:

My find!

My find!

The kids are using it to play with there sand… Or i might put rice in it.. or water… just a place for them to play with tactile stuff.  We can move it into the garage for messier things and keep it in the kitchen so the kids can play while I make dinner.    So far it has been brilliant.

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I am so proud of Martha.  We have been working with her to try to get her to focus more.  Not an easy job for a 4 year old who wants to know everything about everything and now.   Well yesterday she did it.   Not only did she have much more fun in gymnastics than usual, she mastered 4 skills!    And she is very close to some of those on the bars.   Those aren’t easy for her.   Her upper body strength is her weakness.   She is flexible without saying.   So we went and got an ice cream cone with sprinkles.   *\o/*     <— cheerleader by the way

Becca.. meh… so tired of the direahea.   I think I am just going to pull her off of all milk.   I was up again with her at 2 am.   Yes, she had ice cream yesterday.   And I am expecting direahea today.   Lovely huh.   Great thing to wake up and expect.

I have been working on getting lessons ready for Martha.  I so don’t feel prepared.   I don’t know how we are goign to pay for this.   I also am wondering if my decision is right.   We are working off a first grade curricullum… She is really excited.. I am not so much.

Going over to a friends house today.    We are having some Italian dish that I am making but have no idea how to spell it.  =P  I will link the recipe later tonight!

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PKD Convention!

I had an absolutely lovely time at the Convention!  I met some really cool people (like Julia Roberts).  She isn’t THE Julia Roberts but just as cool and lovely and nice!   I found out some really wonderful and cheerful news about PKD!  It was really informative!   I have also pretty much agreed to start to Local Chapter here in Huntsville!

I thought about doing quilts for the kids who are in the hosptial from recieving blankets or scrap material.    Possibly doing one to auction off.    Making Jam and Jelly to sell at the farmer’s market and putting the profits in for a fund raiser.

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