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So my mom has decided that there are a ton of people out there that would like to know how to put up veggies and can.    So I thought I would start by putting up my tried and true recipes.   I will try to put up a recipe a day.  Either of dinners I make, or canning recipes..

I am also going to be writing in here daily.   Today we have had potty training success 2x in a row!  Yeah!  We might be potty trained before 2 years of age!  Wouldn’t that be an accomplishment!   Becca is such a great little girl.   We have to go get her blood pressure checked.  I am hoping it has come down other wise I have to email her kidney doctor and let them know about it.    Ugh!
Martha has started school!   Homeschooling is going okay.    I have to be very diligent about doing it every day.   I like to slack too and with this I cannot.  Even though she is making wonderful progress and she is starting to see it, which is making things go so much better!    We started working on writing proper math equations!   God that sounds so sexy!   I love math and I hope she will too!  Of course using m&m’s to learn math never hurts anything!

We are working on short vowels!   The other day she had to come up with 3 words that had the short e sound in them and then use them all in a sentance.  Try it.. not as easy as it sounds.   She came up with .  A group of ten men were in a bed!    Words being ten, men, and bed!     I thought it was great!   She is also starting to do some creative writing.   She has to draw a picture and then tell me the story that goes along with that story.    I need to get her a journal of some kind for that so we can keep them all together.  We have started learning the 50 states and capitals.    Yesterday she went to a lecture (yes a Lecture!!!) about Ninja’s!   I thought that was pretty cool.    She also has become more focused in gymnastics and in piano!   Piano what she is doing is not review but all new to her; where for the other kids, it is all review!   We were there for 30 minutes and she stayed with the teacher the entire time!

I am so proud of her!

So that leaves me… I have been on an emotional rollercoaster as of late.   I get so angry about things and I am questioning in my mind why I am reacting like this but I cannot control it.  It has control over me… And I don’t like it.    But I don’t know what to do about it.   Probably due to this over-reaction of emotions, I potentially lost a best friend of it.   I am really sad about it.   And I don’t know how to rectify the situation.    So right now, I am just letting things calm down and then will apologize and hope we can sort our issues or my issues as the case may be.

I am also really sad that we have just had an influx of new babies.  We haven’t seen any of them yet.   I so want to hold an itty bitty baby again.   I don’t so much want the sleepless nights.    And I really don’t think Becca would make a good middle sister.   I think the girls are happy  with the way the family is.  I think Dave is happy with the baby is.   But for some reason, I cannot get the idea of not being pregnant again out of my head.    Why can’t I just be happy with the way things are?  Accept them for what they are?  :sigh:   Everything happens for a reason, I just need to realize that!   Ha! =)


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