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Yesterday we read about dinosaurs and some mammals that lived at the time of the dinosaur.   We worked on identifying rhyming words, where letters fall in the alphabet, what items go together and which items are different and less than.    Then we started working on identifying the names of coins!     Today we had gymnastics and we started introducing fractions.   Martha made dinner.  She made us pigs in a blanket!  She is so proud!


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Creek Indians

That was the center of our discussion today.   We read  a book about the Creek Indians.  We worked in her Reading Readiness  book and did 15 pages worth of stuff.   Matchings, patterns, shapes.   All stuff that is way simple for her.    But perhaps it will make things easier for her later on.   She also has been playing on her leapster.   We have been discussing different topics as she asks questions about it.  Today she noticed that a silver part of a tin will reflect light.  She really didn’t understand what was happening at first.  She called it “creating light”.  So I corrected her and told her she isn’t creating it, but rather bending it.    Then she turned the lid around and it was green.   And she noticed that she didn’t get as much light that way.   So we chatted about that and tried several other things to see how well they bend light.


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