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What a day!   I don’t even know where to start.  I gathered up all the extra diapers and baby wipes we had plus the extra stuff I bought to donate to the MMO program.  We don’t need the diapers and I don’t know anyone using 3T diapers.    So we take Becca to MMO.   Yeah a free four hours.  Yeah right!   Martha and I go get a coffee and an apple juice.   Then off to the house to load up all the cans.  We run over to the recycle center.    We are listening to a story called “A Heart of a Shepherd”   I was balling…   It is a really good book.   Anyway, it brought up conversations about death with Martha.   Great.. Just what I wanted to do today.   We get to the recycle center and recycle our cans…  9.45 for 21 lbs of cans!  Yippie.  That means 9 dollars goes to Water for Sudan!   http://www.waterforsudan.org/  If you are interested in donating.     Anyway, afterwards we go to David’s Bridal to try on Junior Bridesmaids dresses.    Well, the dresses look really nice on Martha.. needs alteration and costs a fortune.   So off to Hancocks we went to see if I can find a pattern and material close to what I saw at David’s.    I think I found something comparable.    Lets hope!   The first rendition of the dress will be done this weekend hopefully!     So then we went to get some lunch.   And to pick up Becca from school.   And then off to pay the water bill.    We came home to take a nap and I got checks in the mail.   Ordered our upgrade to our Knology service and then I got the phone call.   I guess our service doesn’t work the way I thought it did.  So our cell phone bill is um… quite large doesn’t even begin to cover it.    Oppss!!!!   While I am trying to get 200 dollars knocked off the total bill, the lady to pick up the toys and clothes for freecycle came!  I loaded her up and off she went!  Hope she enjoys them.

So then off to the library we went…   We walked in 15 minute before it was ready to close.     I found an audio book and the girls went and tackled the regular books to read.   They tell me we have 2 minutes and the girls have all there books before I blink.  Martha got to check them out on HER library card!  She was so pleased!

Came home to start dinner… Well as I type it is still cooking.  The kids ate oatmeal.  I am starving to be honest. My cornish hens failed today.    I am really sad.   Hungry.. sad..   Going to go put the kids to bed and then we are going to eat our dried out chicken.

Good night!


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Well today was pretty successful.  All the laundry got put away.  Started working on cleaning the girls bedroom.  I changed the bed linens and remade the bed.  Yeah, pretty much boring stuff.  But it was stuff that I set out to accomplish today.   Then after lunch I put Becca down for a nap.  She insists on peeing on her bed.    This is really unusual for her.   Since we have taken her out of diapers, she hasn’t had an accident.   I don’t think something feels good with her.   Well her ear is infected again, but she was complaining of her crotch bothering her.   So we shall see.  I think it was the revenge of the laundry monster.  I defeated him!   Muahaha!

On the note of homeschooling, the flashcards are working really well.   Martha seems to enjoy them.   She likes trying to figure out how to make a sentence out of them.  So I read them, she repeats and then puts the word in a sentence.   I think that is just awesome!   So we are going to run with that today.  Also,  I need to get out the puzzles, because she really had a good time with the puzzle we did today of the United States.   I showed her all the places Daddy travels too!  Martha really is doing well.   I need to sit down and look at what we need to cover for the 1st grade this year.  But so far I am impressed!

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This year I made resolutions.   1) Lose weight  2) More organized  3) Eat breakfast every morning   4) More time with my family 5) Complete projects!

Well I am working on conquering the laundry monster.    Almost all the laundry is done.  I still have fold and put away and dry one load.   I can get this done.   The ironing is almost done!    The laundry monster is going down!!!!

The play room is organized and clean!  OMG!  Do you read that…   It is clean and organized.  About to get rid of boxes of toys.. books… etc.

Okay… I am a bit baffled with the kids.  Becca’s blood pressure is up.  She is still running a fever since Thursday.   Not sure what is going on.    She is cranky as hell.   I gave her some tylenol again today… And Martha now has a fever.     Ugh!  Why can’t I have healthy kids.   I mean really?   I am paying for my doctor’s kids to go to school.   Martha finger isn’t looking any better.    Becca’s hair is still falling out.    And now we have fevers.  I feel like I have been run over by a frieght train.   I have even been napping.   Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t nap.   I just don’t do it.   But I am so run down, I just cannot move any more.   And I am collapsing into my bed in the afternoons.     I am wondering how I am going to do this once Dave leaves for 2 weeks….   We will figure it out.

Well…    Breakfast has been yogurt every morning and maybe a cup of coffee.   I have been drinking lots more water.    LOTS more water.   Been using lime crystals to flavor the water!   It has been working.

Here is to a postive new year!

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