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Well… I am really bummed.  My publix trip went really wrong today.   I should have just skipped over the Sargento Cheese sticks.   Gah.. Always go with your gut feeling.   I over-rid mine and paid WAY too much and now I don’t even have a rebate form, because I don’t think mine came with one.    GAH!  That is just totally frustrating.

Anyway, here is the break down:


2 Gillete Body Washes: $4.00 each

– BOGO Free Coupon (-$4.00)

-$4.00 ECB Bucks;

Paid:  $.64 (that was the tax) and got back 8 ECB bucks


To be done later.. when I find the reciept!


Klondike Bar:  ($1.75)

Sargento Shredded Mozzerella: $2.00

– $.50  Kroger Coupon  (doubles to a $1.00)

Total $1.00
3 Sargento String Cheese:  $4.59  (yeap.. this is the big mistake)

Total:  $13.77  (Yikes)

2 Sargento Cheese Burst $2.00

Total: $4.00

2 Hefty One Zips:  $1.15

-$1.00/2 Hefty Coupon

Total $1.30

2 Hefty One Zips:  $1.15

-2 $.15 Hefty Coupons (doubles $.30)

Total: $1.69

4 Yakisoba Noodles $.60

-2 $1/2 Yakisoba coupon

Total: $.40

8 Publix Yogurt: $.40

Total: $3.20

Bananas: $1.80

6 Knorr Rice: $.75

-3 $.55/2 Publix Coupon

-1 $.60/2 Knorr Rice coupon

Total:  $2.25 ($.35 each)

Publix Milk (1/2 gal): $1.85

3 Kellogs Cereal: $2.00

-1 $1.50/3

Total $4.50

Red Pepper: $1.56

French’s Mustard: $1.45

– $.30/1 (doubles to $.60)

Total: $.85

2 Fusion Snack Mix 1.00

– 2 $1/1 Fusion Coupon

Total: FREE!!!

Plum Tomatoes: $1.37

Wesson Oil: $1.90

– $1/1 Wesson Oil Coupon

Total: $.90

4 Publix Mountain Splash: $.79

1 book of stamps:  $8.80

Total: $58.76

Savings:  37.82

(Okay, so to make me feel even worse… ) if you pull out the stamps and the cheese…

I would have only spent: $36.19…    Which is a  much nicer number!!! Considering that would put me right in line for my budget of $50.00 a week!


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I really haven’t had a chance to show you how well my garden is growing.  Well, lets just say the strawberries are .. well.. hmm.. here is a picture…

Do I need to say more!

So we have several lettuce’s growing in my rose beds.   I was told somewhere along the line, that roses and lettuce like living together.  So together they shall live!   I also have herbs growing in the rose beds!

Parsley and Basil (and off picture is greek oregano)

Supposedly Iceburg lettuce, but I am thinking more butter lettuce!

My Romaine Lettuce

So next is my tomatoes.   I decided to try to do grape tomatoes because Becca and I like to pop them in our mouths for snacks and they are great in salad!   So I put it in a container hoping to bring it inside for the winter.. and we will coax it to live all year long!  We shall see!    I also have a 9-10  tomato plants in my garden for canning tomato sauce this year.

I also am planning on making more tomato paste and for the first time, try to make sun dried tomatoes.   Again.. we shall see!

Grape tomatoes

Tomatoes and green peppers!

The first bed! strawberries, tomatoes, sweet peppers, corn, green beans, sunflowers

So this is the first bed!    It has strawberries!  As already shown, we are getting plenty of those!  3 gallons already frozen.  More to be picked!  The girls have so much fun picking strawberries!   This year at the  u pick-em strawberry farm, they wanted 10 dollars a gallon for strawberries!  Well I guess I saved us 30 dollars already!  Woohoo!

Then we have the tomatoes.  There is about 10 plants in there.   Following the tomatoes are the sweet green peppers.   They already have green peppers on them about the size of a half dollar.  I planted 2 types of peppers this year.  One was called a fajita pepper.  We shall see.  It said it was sweet with a hint of heat.  Seems odd to me.. but might be good in soups and stews and what not.   The other pepper I planted is a sweet pepper.  But not like the ones you get in the store.  They look more like a hot pepper in shape.   I really liked these last year!  Slightly different type this year.  So time will tell!  These will go into my sauces after I have properly roasted them!

After the peppers is the corn!   Yummy sweet corn!  I just cannot wait!   It looks good so far.  Leaves are big and healthy and the stalks are coming in thick.  Last year they were planted to close together and we had to stake them.  We got smaller years because of the competition for the nutrients I think.  So this year I tried to space them out a bit more and hopefully bigger ears!

After the corn is the bush beans.   Last year I planted pole beans.  I don’t like pole beans.  They are stringy.   and you have to stake them.   So this year, bush beans like my dad always planted.  Going back to my roots!  We have purple flowers this year, which is making me a bit on the nervous side, because I have never seen purple flowers on the bush beans before.   /me shrugs…

2nd Bed:

broccoli: cabbage: cauliflower, zucchini, cucumbers



So.. yeah.. 2nd bed.   The broccoli has already been harvested.  I am just pulling off the broccoli florets that continue to grow!  If you have never eaten broccoli straight out of the garden, you are truly missing out on a pleasure!  It is so much tender than anything you will ever get in a store!   However, always par boil it.   There tend to be critters that like to live in the broccoli florets!  Just a word to the wise. =)

Next we have cabbage!   And I haven’t had such a hard time this year with cabbage loopers.  Maybe I got an early start on them this year with my sour milk and flour.    Something I read that gets rid of them and there eggs.   Dave swears I am going to have buttermilk biscuits come out of my cabbage one of these years!

Then we have the cotton-pickin’  cauliflower.   Yes, this one has me stumped.   I am not getting any heads to grow.   Nice big leaves… No freaking cauliflower.   I don’t know.   Mom has had trouble with this as well for the past 2 years.   I don’t know what we are doing wrong.   I will have to research this.

Next is the gorgeous zucchini.  Do you see the baby zucchini on the plant already!  I cannot believe in a week I will be picking zucchini!  Can you say grilled zucchini!  Yumm-o!

Next is the cucumbers.  Oh yes, cucumbers.   They will be eaten as cucumbers or have a date with the guillotine. (I had to spell check that word.. had no idea on how to spell it! Thank god for technology!).    I have people waiting in line for pickles this year!   So cucumbers.. come on sweeties… we need you to start growing a bit more!   just a bit.. I will pull up the cauliflower if that will make you grow some more!  haahaa!  stupid cauliflower!

And last but not least:  is coriander now.  a month ago it was cilantro.  And it will be cilantro again!   This stuff has taken off.  It is a weed in the right conditions.  I have it growing in every crevasse down the road.  I am sure that my neighbors love me!  =P

Gorgeous Cilantro turning into Coriander!

Oh!  I almost forgot the mistake in the backyard.   Um.. bit of advice… never ever through seeds in a compost pile!

Yeah.. That is all pumpkins... I even thinned it out a bit!

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No pictures today for this post!  Plenty more for other posts!  So here is what I bought!  I wanted the razor but they were out, so I had to go to plan B:

3 Dawn $.84 each

– $.25 coupon

-$.25 coupon

-$.25 coupon  (Total) $1.77

2 Renuzits Air Freshners:  .84 each

(Total) $1.68

1 Aussie Shampoo: $2.99

-2 ECB

(Total) $2.99

1 Aussie Mousse: $2.99

– $2.00 Coupon

(Total) $.99

1 Herbal Essence Shampoo $2.99

– $1.00 coupon

-$2 ECB

(Total) $1.99

1 Renuzits Crystal Element $3.99

– $3.00 coupon

(Total) $.99

4 CVS Toilet Paper $1.15



(Total) $2.60

I had a $4/$20 purchase!

Used $7.49 ECB

Gained $4.00 ECB

Out of pocket: $2.50 for more than $21 worth of items!
ECB’s are like monoply money to me.   You just trade it around to get items!  I go into CVS and scan my card and coupons and ECBs come out!   It is like a ATM machine.  At least that is what I call it.    And sometimes I get ECBs to print out on my computer when I log into the CVS website!   I am totally estatic.  Got lots of things I needed and didn’t pay much at all!   And I still have in my CVS envelope at home $7.50 worth of ECB to play with for next week!

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First CVS Trip

Okay.. Using CVS bucks is like playing monoply!  I swear.   And where you scan your card is like an atm machine.  It gives you play money!  So here is was my scenario that I start with:

Transaction 1:

Right Guard Sport or Total Defense Deodrant 2.99 (Limit 2)

-$3/2 IP

Pay $2.98 for 2 and Get $4 ECBs ($2 ECB for each one)

Well… my store had them for 2.49 each… so that means I paid $2.00 .. I had 2.50 ECB to start with.. So I got them for free.  (I actually wasted 50 of my ECBS… =( )

ECB Total:  $4

Transaction 2:

It was going to be Schick Hyrdro 3 or 5… but they were out at 2 CVS and I wasn’t running around any more… so I moved on.

Crest ProHealth Toothpaste (4 oz) or Rinse (8.4 oz) $3.50 (Limit 2)


Pay 2.75, get $3.50 ECBs

Stayfree 24-count maxi pads $3.99


Pay $1.99, Get 2 ECBs

Carefree Body Shape Pads $1.00


Pay:  Free

Bayer Low Dose (32 count) $1.00


Pay: Free

Total Out of Pocket: $.75 + tax (total came to 4.74 + tax, I used my 4 ECBs from previous transaction.)

Left over ECBS: $5.50

Transaction 3:

Crest ProHealth Toothpaste (4 oz) or Rinse (8.4 oz) $3.50 (Limit 2)


Pay 2.75, get $3.50 ECBs

U by Kotex Tampons $4.99 (Limit 1)

-$1/1 IP

-$1/1 CVS printable

Pay $2.99, Get $4.99 ECBs

Total: Total Out of Pocket was $.24 + tax (total came to $5.74, and I used my $5.50 CVS Bucks from previous transaction)

Left over ECB Bucks: $8.99 !!!!!

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I am so psyched!  Par you are going to love her in it.  (I doubt he reads my blog, but if he does!!!!!)   Really, I am really amazed at how well it came out.   I know, I shouldn’t doubt myself so much.  But it is gorgeous!  I just wanna show everyone!!!!

I am really psyched to start the real dress now!  Only 3 more dresses to sew by July 3rd!  Woohoo, i better get to stitching!

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