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OMG!   That is what today was all about.   Endurance.   And wow, that is something I was totally lacking today.   I was spent when I finished, to the point I curled up in the fetal position on the gym floor and laid there.   Even after I decided to sit up, I just sat there for a good 10-15 minutes before I thought my legs wanted to really move again.  Ha!

I really don’t know how many sets we did of all.  I think we did 5 minutes of every rotation with 10 second breaks and 20 second reps.   I could be wrong, I just know there wasn’t nearly enough rest time!   So here is the rotation we did:


overhead press (15 lb bar)

Sumo squats with something or another… Don’t remember the name.  But you end like a power clean without flipping your arms under the bar.

Regular squats


At one point during the dips, I was ready to quit… My trainer decided to try to lower the distance of the dips I was doing, but I refused.   I am stubborn sometimes.   I finished 3 more sets after that.  they weren’t pretty at all.    The overhead press was the easiest, then the sumo squats, pull-ups, regular squats, and dips.    Did I mention I was sore when I walked into the gym… Well this is a new kind of soreness.  OMG Everywhere.  ha!

After I decided my muscles would continue to work, I did 18:11 minutes on the treadmill at a 5 incline and at 2.8 speed.   Go me.   My legs were jelly!  (still are sorta).

My muscles felt like they weren’t going to work any more.   When I was doing the sumo squats, I was trying to gently put the bar down on the blocks.   And it was taking too much time.   So I started pounding it down and got more reps in!   Felt good to make some noise!  Heehee!



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I really don’t even know what to put as a title.   Okay, so it came to me.   Yes, things weren’t looking up when I got to the gym and realized I only had one glove.   So… I improvised.   I had my old crappy gloves in the car and some tape… Taped my hands *hoping* to provide some protection.   And then wore the crappy gloves.   Have I mentioned, I really don’t like those gloves….    Anyway, we did power clean with an overhead press I guess is what they are called… haahaa.. Not really sure.   Pretty sure we used the sissy bar today…. But we added more weight to it!!!  Yahoo!   So 15 lb bar, + 25 more additional lbs.   Is that right?   I guess… Maybe.   so that is only 40 lbs.
So to the nitty gritty:

I forget, we did 3 or 4 sets:
7 power cleans with over head press.

14 throwups (this is what I call them!)

10 pushups

100 jumpropes


I need to work on not bending my arms (or jerking) when I start my power cleans… Keep the arms straight.  I was engaging my shoulders more, but not bringing my elbows up high enough.   (They were sorta tired =P ).   The press felt good.


Squat and then throw a 6lb ball up on to the wall… catch the ball and go back down into a squat.   If the ball doesn’t hit the wall, or you don’t catch the ball it doesn’t count.   (Yes, I did both).   This was hard on the blood pressure.     I could  only get 8 or so done before I would have to stop and try to bring my heart rate down a bit.
That was frustrating.



Suck.   I just need more practice I guess.   Feel like fish out of water when doing them.   Perhaps I should start doing pushups, and situps inbetween training sessions. ?!?

Jump Rope:

Okay, i have not jump roped in I don’t know 20 years.   Ha!   It was fun, but caused me to see lots of black spots.   Blood pressure again didn’t like doing this at all….  I didn’t make it through all 100 at one go.   Rope would get caught by my feet.    Again, just need more practice.


Afterwards, I did 2500 meters rowing.  Took me 14.11 in actual rowing time.  But I stopped to let my head stop pounding at 500 m, 1000m, 1400m


Came home and found my missing glove!!!   Now to look forward to Friday!  Snatches perhaps?   More Power Cleans?

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It always sucks after a vacation because I don’t make time to do anything while I am gone.  =(  And I totally pay for it the first week.
10 pull ups

5 burpees

Row with only arms

5 burpees

Row with only legs

10 toes over head sit ups.


Only the situps felt good and I even struggled with that.  Ugh.

I did a .5 mile before I trained on the treadmill 8 incline and 3.0 speed.

15 resistance for 3 miles with a 1 minute break between miles in 16:34 minutes

1 mile: 4:30

2 mile 5 minutes

3 mile 5:04


Don’t really know what else to report.   Today sucked.

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In my head today, I just kept repeating that… Just keep moving… Easier said than done.   While I was doing each exercise, I think as long as I kept moving I could get through them… But goodness, my heart rate was so high and my blood pressure seemed up today.   It was hard to move between them quickly; therefore, I only got 4 sets done.
Nitty Gritty:

4 sets:

15 overhead squats .. only went as low as the box thing.

250 m on the row machine in under a minute

5 burpees

Squats:  Love doing them.  I did a snatch and then 15 squats.   The bar is feeling more familiar in my hands and I don’t feel as awkward.  Yeah!   This is definitely a plus in my book!   The squats were hard today.   Trying to remember if we normally do 15, or if it is normally 10.   Anyway, just focus and try to remember to push through the heels.   We used the 15 lb bar today with no weights.

Row Machine:  Kicked ass the first set!   I was at 1200+  and got under a minute easy.   And another set I was just 5 seconds over the 1 minute.   The other 2 sets… well I completed them by just keep moving!   I don’t know what it is about 150 meters – 250 meters, but i seem to just fall apart there.
Burpees:   At times felt really good, almost groovy!   Other times, not so groovy.   Going up and down really makes me dizzy, but that is getting better too.

I did a half mile at a 12 incline and 2.8 speed before I trained, and then 2 miles in just under 11 minutes on the bike at a resistance of 15.   Legs started to cramp after the 2 miles, so I dropped the resistance down to nothing, and just pedaled for another 10 minutes or so.
My legs are sore and probably will be even more so tomorrow!   =)  Its all good.   Also talked to my trainer about a personal goal or 2.   When I first started at the gym it was weight loss.   Well that hasn’t really gone so well, and I am tired of kicking a dead horse.  So like I said a few weeks ago, not using that as a goal.   My best friend is training for the Tough Mudder.   And I love training with her!  If she is reading this:  I AM NOT DOING IT!  Love you, but no.  Obstacle courses and running just aren’t my thing.   I really get excited about the weight lifting.  No clue why.   Maybe because it is new.   But even still, there is so much to learn, and I look forward to seeing what new and interesting exercise we are going to be doing.  And this is a good thing!   So learning and becoming proficient is my new goal!  And I can totally get on board with that!

Anyway, dinner is done, so much go feed the minions.

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So today I was expecting to lift on the varsity bar, but my trainer had a scheduling conflict so he set me up with my exercise today and then he had to leave.  =(
So we did this like rope climb thing.   We weren’t suppose to use our legs at all.   I think I used quite a bit of my legs to pull my self up the rope.

Then we did push ups, but we had to pick up are hand off the mat before we started our next push up.

Then we jumped up onto a box thing.
First Set Was:

1 Rope Climb

20 push ups

5 jumps

Second Set:

2 Rope Climb

18 push ups

10 jumps

Third Set:

3 rope climb

16 push ups

5 jumps

Fourth Set

4 Rope climb

14 push ups

10 jumps

Fifth Set

5 Rope climb

12 push ups

5 jumps



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Well usually I start off with the bad news first… but today lets be different!   Training rocked today!   Alot of fun and hard work!

Nitty Gritty:

5 sets of:

40 lb bar -> Overhead presses 10x

Row Machine -> 20 calories in approx minute…

Step thing… Jump turn, jump turn thingy.    Yeah no clue…   10 each side.

Butterfly Situps -> 10 each

So.. Lets get to the bad news… I thought I was previously using the 15 kg bar… which is approx 33 lbs… apparently I was using the sissy bar and it was only 15 lbs.  Which means I was only living a measly 25 lbs.    bah….   <sails deflated>    But always end on good news!   We used the JV bar today!   It was 40 lbs!  Yippee!   I did really well with it so we are going to move to the Varsity bar which is 45 lbs if I remember right!   Yippee!!!!   Moving right along!

Row machine:   Yeah that things eats me up and spits me back out.    I just cannot seem to keep up the pace I need for under a minute.   I get so tired so quickly on it.  Not sore, just run out of steam.   Sucks.  I will kick your booty one day row machine!!!  Promise!

The step jump thingy.   Did well through the first 10, then the last 10 always sucked.

Butterfly situps, rock!   Love those things.

I did .5 mile before training as I got there early today!  And then another 3.5 miles after training.   Yippee!   My trainer told me to do 10 miles… Um.. Don’t have time to do that in the gym, and I think he was half joking.    Instead I did 3.5 miles in an hour… yeah I know not the greatest but nevertheless!   That is a total of 4 miles today!

So I am proud of myself despite the itty bitty setback with the weight bar.   =P

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Guess I had a bad attitude about it today, but it sucked.   Almost everything we did today, I severely struggle with.  Yuck.
So lets get down to the nitty gritty:
5 sets of:

10 pull ups

10 pushups

10 squats

10 dips

10 hands to toes in the middle situps. (No clue what these are called.  But your hands and your toes come to meet right above your belly button)

Pull ups are getting easier.  They are starting to feel a bit more fluid.  YEAH!  (Still don’t like them)

Pushups:   yeah… no girly ones for me.   They are still a struggle.

Squats:   They were okay.  Nothing to right home about.   Just have to keep remembering not to let my knees collapse in.

Dips:   They are also getting easier.   Still don’t like them.

Situps:  OMG!   I felt like a fish out of water.   I just couldn’t make may toes and my finger tips touch very graceful.   Oh well… Lots of work needed there!

I am sorta sad.  Wednesday is the last make-up Wedensday I have with Andrew.   I have liked training 3x a week.   I might think about redoing my contract so that I can go 3x a week!  We shall see.

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