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Sorry for not posting lately. I got the flu, a kidney infection, and pneumonia.   I stayed out of the hospital and only missed 2 training sessions.   Yippee!   I still have been going to the gym.  I think I was training 3x a week before I stopped posting, but I have had a shift in my work schedule that allows me to go the gym at the minimum of 5x a week and up to 7 days a week.   Last week I made it all 7 days!  Go me!   I am still living too.      So before we get to the post that has been stuck in my head for freaking days, lets get to the positive news!   Saturday, I front squatted 100 lbs!!!!   ROCK ON!  is all I have to say.   We started with just the 45 lb bar.  I did 10 reps… Did other misc things, came back to the bar, and added 5 lbs to it.   So it was 50 lbs.   Did 3 reps and moved on.   At some point we started moving up by 10 lbs.   Don’t ask me when, as I don’t count weight when I am training… That is Andrew’s job!  =)     At some point, we stopped doing all the other misc stuff, and went to only squatting.   I only did one rep and then sat down.  increased weight and did another rep!   I got to 100 lbs!   Anyway, no one else might think it is awesome, but I do!

So, Andrew and Erin have both been encouraging me to run.  I hate running.  One reason, I am horrible at it and I feel horrible after I run.   Did I mention I hate running?   Anyway, I was doing intervals on the treadmill trying to increase speed and was listening to the words to some music.   Well I am a person that if I don’t know that I can do something successfully, then I normally don’t do it.   I like staying in my little bubble.   Fear is a powerful thing.  It can keep you from doing stupid things.   And then it can paralyze you.    And that is where I have been.  Fearful I won’t be able to complete a mud run.   I have never been athletic.   Even with the aforementioned squat PR, I don’t consider myself athletic.   Yes, I go to the gym.  Yes, I complete what ever Andrew asks of me.     But doing these runs, just has had me paralyzed that I was unable to complete them.  If I cannot complete it, then there is no reason to try.

But you know, there is a reason to try.  Who cares if I cannot complete the run.   I at least attempted it.  There has to be something about that.  And what am I teaching my kids.   Stay in your comfort zone.   It is nice and easy there.    So the words that were in the music that made me change my mind was:   “And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance; I hope you dance!”

So I have told Andrew I would do a Mud Run.   We will start small and go from there!   Apparently there is a 5k at the end of March.   So we shall see what happens.


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