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Feels Good

Today was just an ordinary day at the gym.  Well sorta.  In the middle of doing my rounds, Andrew asked me if my PR was 120?  Then he remembered my last PR was 185 and asked if the weight was too light.   I said something more or less along the following lines:   “yes, you can definitely put more weight on or we need to increase reps or something as they aren’t challenging”.  Well that is what I eventually got out as I was doing burpees at the time.    So on another 20 lbs goes!    So another set or two and i realized that I was having no issues at all doing a deadlift with 120 lbs.   While that is probably nothing to most people who deadlift, this was my PR 2 months ago.   I was like… I am deadlifting my personal record 2 months ago without any issues what so ever.   I mean it is a great feeling to add more weight on to any bar and successfully lift it.  But when your PR becomes part of your normal lifting routine and it was I dare say EASY:  that is just a great feeling.    And believe it or not, burpees are becoming less challenging as well.   I need to keep working on doing pushups here at the house to help continue to master pushups.     They are looking and feeling better!   And I dreaded the dumbbell swings as well.   And even though they were hard, it was all manageable!   I had a great time at the gym today.


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