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I was going on a run today.   If you don’t know I hate running.   But I run anyway.   A great friend says you should train things that you aren’t good at.   Well running is one of those things.   And today I ran for a bit longer than a mile and half.    And I thought about where I was last year.    Last year, this time, I had just started running.  I mean JUST started running.   My best friend decided I was going to run my first 5k just to get it under my belt.    And I did.  I finished under my goal of 38 minutes.   And I just barely beat that.   But most importantly, I finished.

This timelast year, I couldn’t run a mile without stopping and sucking in tons of air.   I was getting frustrated because I didn’t feel like I was ever going to be able to run a mile without effort.   Everyone talks about getting a second wind when you run…  Well to this day, I am still wondering where the heck that is…     Last year, I could barely increase my distance more than ONE THOUSANDTH of a mile at a time.   Yes, I would .56 of a mile one day.. and .57 the next day.  Because that is all my little mind could wrap my head around.    Seriously…  some days it was all I could to go the same distance I did the day before.

But today, I went for a run.   And yes, the first half mile sucked and I wanted to just stop and walk back home, but I knew better.. Just have to push through those demons that want to tell you to stop.    And after that first 1/2 mile, things got a bit easier and I got into a rhythm that I was comfortable with and I ran my predetermined route.   I still hate running by the way.

It always does me good to think back every once and awhile because it drives me forward.   Last year I couldn’t dream of just leaving my house with my earphones on and just go for a run.   Never mind a mile and half.   In fact, I probably would have put money on the table that it would never happen.   I had try running in the past and it went horribly.   I was determined that it was going to go horribly again.    (Thank you Erin and Andrew, for never giving up on me and pushing me when I didn’t think I could push myself any more.)

So on my list of things to accomplish this year is a 10k.   And quite honestly, this scares me.  It is 6.2 miles in case you didn’t know.   6 miles… which means I would be running for over an 1 hour and half.   I am trying to convince myself that I can do this.     There is a 10k in 2 weeks.    So I guess it is time to face this demon!


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