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There is just something nice about things that are simple and plain.   Comfort foods are something that just wrap there love and warmth around me and say everything will be okay.   Lets face it, I am a simple person.   For the most part, I don’t care for fancy things.  (I do LOVE my Kitchen Aide mixer!   It has been my best friend in the kitchen for almost as long as I have been married.)     As those who know me, I like to can or preserve.   This year, I want to try to make sun dried tomatoes.   Doesn’t that sound good with some pasta a bit of cheese and sausage.    I can almost taste it.   Well, my one goal in life is to open a Jelly and Jam store.    That is it.  Just to sell jelly and jams.   I am always being told that they are really good.    A friend of mine refuses to share with her family!     I don’t make very fancy jelly and jams.   I just like simple jelly.    Strawberry jam on a piece of sourdough bread is one of my all favorite things.


I also like making my own bread.    There is nothing better than having dough in your hands, kneading it, pouring love into the bread that will come out as that lovely smell that brings a smile to anyone’s face and melts away even the worst of days.      And knowing that something I have made is going to make someone smile or is going to be there go to comfort is so gratifying.

So this has been on my brain alot lately.   It is something I cannot shake.    So I am researching again.    And soon (possibly this week, if I get some more sugar) I am going to be making some more strawberry jam!   Mom says plums are going to be plentiful this year!   I am hoping to find some cherries this year.      I would also like to find some raspberries and blueberries for reasonable price.    I have yet to make raspberry or blueberry jelly!      You see I don’t like seeds when I eat.   It just puts me off.     But I totally can see the sun coming though the very gorgeous red and blue jelly!


So we shall see what happens this year.   I don’t know if this is a business that would be financially viable.    But for now, research is necessary!


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So I would like to start my own business one day where I make my own Jam and Jellies.   I have alway loved making jelly and jam.    Before recently, I have not been able to make my jellies from my own kitchen.   Alabama law prohibited.   This year they apparently changed the law and I can now cook it in my own kitchen, I just have to label it as such and can only sell at Farmer’s Markets and places like that.    I thought I would keep a list of things to do.   First of all, can I even make jelly for the cost to sell them!    So here is my list:






Lemon Juice


So now I just need to go price everything! and figure out how much fruit makes how many jars!    Good think I have a freezer full of fruit ready to go!  Yippee!

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