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Why does my family have issues with poop?  It seems like it is a constant in my life ever since my daughter was born four and half years ago.   And yet, it is still a constant problem.   I have one daughter who can put any man to shame by the size of her poop and the other that I bake a cake if she has anything remotely solid.    So today, Martha asks me, “Mom, do rabbits poop?”.    “Why yes, Martha, they do poop!”  “What does it look like?”  “It is just round pellets.”   “Oh, well maybe we can scoop there poop…. ”  I now am like.. no, we don’t touch other animal’s poop Marthat… But Mom, why not?

Am I the only mom in the world who has detailed conversations with my 4 year old about poop and its properities!

So 2 days ago we ended up in the ER, because the doctors and I thought Martha has apendicitis.   The ER doctor took an x-ray of her tummy and said, OMG, she has poop in her intestines.   Well no shit shirlock.   I had no idea that my daughter has poop in her colon.   Doh!   Anyway, he put her on Miralax (which we already have at home, because she does get impacted at times.)    Now she has diarrehea!  Grand huh?  Which I could have predicted because it always gives her diarrehea at that doseage.

So any how the other daughter cannot have any milk.   She gets diarrehea if she has any milk.  Isn’t that just grand.  I feed her banana’s like they are going out of style.   I can tell you based on the color of poop what the kid has eaten.  I have seen diapers with every color of the rainbow.   (Just added red to the list this weekend!   But I haven’t figured out what caused that one yet.)

Well I guess that is enough about poop!   I am sure it will come up in conversation again in the coming days!  ha!


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To the Open Road

I have been wondering for days what to name my blog.   As my mom asked me to start a blog of my daily meanderings.  She gets a laugh out of them so she thought others might as well.    So here I am…

Well, we have a tradition here at the house when toasting.   The traditional saying is: To the open road.   It came from some silly Mickey Mouse cartoon we have on DVD but it has stuck for years now.  And upon reflection on it, it is very apropo.    We do not know what lies ahead and we have to met the challenges that occur on the open road!   Anyway, thanks to my 4 year old daughter, we have a blog title!

My mom’s liked the life of a ghetto mom, but for some reason I didn’t take to it as much as she did.    So in the future, you will begin to hear about my sewing project, my children, my cooking success and failures (believe me there are many), about how I really don’t fit in with the neighborhood I live in.  But they just have to get over it.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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