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Well, of course, I did.   They were 25 cents per 3 lbs.   How could I not?    We like sweet potatoes at this house.    Well I thought I would do a tutorial about what to do with 18 lbs of sweet potatoes.

First, wash and stab all your sweet potatoes.   The sweet potato is quite tough, so PLEASE be careful and use a sturdy blade.  If it won’t go all the way though, just stab them on both sides.   After that put them on a cookie sheet like this:

1st Step

2nd:   Put them in the oven at 425 or so.   Let them cook until they are all smooshy.   About an hour.    There is no exact time with this.    Some of the sweet potatoes will start to spill juices on to the baking sheet.   This is okay!  =)   As you can see I put 2 sheets of potatoes in!

2nd.  I used both racks

Once they are smooshy, take them out of the oven and let them cool.   Once they are cooled, you can peel them.   You won’t need a knife or anything.   The skins should just peel off.   I put my peeled potatoes in a BIG bowl.


As you can see in the picture, the one side is my peeled potatoes, and I started mashing with a plain old potato masher.   If you want them to be pureed, feel free to put them in a food processor.    I just used the potato masher.     Once you get them all mashed up, then you can put them into freezer bags.   Be sure to mark them.  As I have pumpkin in the freezer too.  Hard to tell the difference.   Just put what ever your family will eat in one sitting.   I put about 3 cups in each quart bag.     If you only need 1 cup, then just freeze them in 1 cup increments.   Make sure you try to get as much air out of the bag as you can.   20121231_150956

So what do you do with mashed sweet potatoes.    Well you can eat them just like they are.   You can put them into a baking dish, reheat them up with some butter, cinnamon and sugar.    You can turn them into sweet potato casserole, pie, bread, or soups.   They are quite versatile.    Hope this helps.


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