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That is the book we are listening to while in the car.   It is one of my favorite books as a kid.   And believe me there aren’t many on that list.   For some reason, I really took to Mrs. L’Engles books as I read them all.  I was much older than Martha is now: probably almost 8 years older but oh well.   She is understanding what is going on.  Today, they talked about the tesseract (which is what they call the 5th dimension).   They described the first 4 dimensions.   Martha and I discussed the first 3 today.   And she can tell you what they are, and draw you or show you an example of the first 3 dimensions.   I am pretty impressed because I would think that was a pretty far fetched concept for a 5 year old.    But tonight for dinner, she showed her father examples of all 3!

I also started rethinking reading skills.   And we are going back and starting from scratch with sounds.   And I am using an Abeka reading lesson book as well as another book I found at the homeschool center!   I think Martha will like it if she will give it half a chance.

She also likes to illustrate stories.  So I am going to see if I can find Big Empty letters maybe from WordWorld that she can color or decorate, illustrate a story with!

I have some flash cards and brain quest cards with me to take to Costa Rica with me.   The kids are so excited about going!   So are we.   So I need to get off the computer to sort the packing!


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