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After a horrible ordeal when I went to register Martha at the public school, it was quite clear that we were not sending her there.  Please understand, I am not saying that it is a bad school.  In fact it is ranked 2nd in the county; however, it isn’t the school for Martha.   Yes, I know Martha is going to have to figure out how to do somethings she doesn’t like.   And that sometimes life isn’t all fun and games.   But I also don’t think we should force children into pegs just based on some stupid rule.   She is a very bright student.   We found a private school for her.  And I think she is going to flourish.   If not, we will go back to homeschooling.  I think as a family we are at peace with this decision!   If you are interested in the school selection of our choice, it is The Country Day School.   http://www.country-day.com

❤ Jen


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Well today was pretty successful.  All the laundry got put away.  Started working on cleaning the girls bedroom.  I changed the bed linens and remade the bed.  Yeah, pretty much boring stuff.  But it was stuff that I set out to accomplish today.   Then after lunch I put Becca down for a nap.  She insists on peeing on her bed.    This is really unusual for her.   Since we have taken her out of diapers, she hasn’t had an accident.   I don’t think something feels good with her.   Well her ear is infected again, but she was complaining of her crotch bothering her.   So we shall see.  I think it was the revenge of the laundry monster.  I defeated him!   Muahaha!

On the note of homeschooling, the flashcards are working really well.   Martha seems to enjoy them.   She likes trying to figure out how to make a sentence out of them.  So I read them, she repeats and then puts the word in a sentence.   I think that is just awesome!   So we are going to run with that today.  Also,  I need to get out the puzzles, because she really had a good time with the puzzle we did today of the United States.   I showed her all the places Daddy travels too!  Martha really is doing well.   I need to sit down and look at what we need to cover for the 1st grade this year.  But so far I am impressed!

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Creek Indians

That was the center of our discussion today.   We read  a book about the Creek Indians.  We worked in her Reading Readiness  book and did 15 pages worth of stuff.   Matchings, patterns, shapes.   All stuff that is way simple for her.    But perhaps it will make things easier for her later on.   She also has been playing on her leapster.   We have been discussing different topics as she asks questions about it.  Today she noticed that a silver part of a tin will reflect light.  She really didn’t understand what was happening at first.  She called it “creating light”.  So I corrected her and told her she isn’t creating it, but rather bending it.    Then she turned the lid around and it was green.   And she noticed that she didn’t get as much light that way.   So we chatted about that and tried several other things to see how well they bend light.


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Casual Tuesday

Today was just a general easy going day.   We worked on some art work.  Martha drew a picture and then told me the story.  I wrote it down on the back of the drawing.   She had gymnastics today and got the green sticker.  She did very well.  She got a mastery sticker for completion of the foward roll.  She is so close to getting the backwards roll!   I am so proud with her.   Ms. Tammy has her doing more difficult stuff than most of the kids in the class!

We also did a general easy reader today.   I did most of the reading, but Martha was helping me out!

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Well Martha isn’t going to knock down any editor’s just yet.  But we are almost finished with her first newsletter.   I think the more she does it.  And the more she gets to play with it.  The more she will have fun.

I am hoping tonight she can sit down with me and we can find some pictures of pumpkins and write about Tate’s Farm.

We went to a real working farm today.  The kids got to pick pumpkins.  And then jump into a huge pile of corn and cotton!  I have always wanted to touch real cotton.   We went in a maze!  Martha ran ahead of me and then got lost.   She found some parents who led her back to me.   She was very sorry for running off.

Becca hasn’t gone potties for hours again.  We are coming up on 5.5 hours now.   I have pushed 16 ounces of fluid in the last 40 minutes.   Hopefully she starts peeing soon. =/   I am going to ask the school to just jot down when they change a wet diaper.   Because the doctor’s don’t want her waiting for more than 8 hours with no urine output.

That is all we accomplished today.  Was the newsletter and Tates Farm!  But it is enough!  Tomorrow we move on to greater things!

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